The organic farm is situated in the part of the Maremma Regional Park better known as Uccellina Park near the town of Fonteblanda Talamone and Orbetello in Tuscany

The olive oil produced on the farm, uses olives coming exclusively from our land certified Bio, is obtained from the pressing of olive varieties typical of this area as Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo. We collect the olives from the beginning of October until the middle of November, by hand and with the help of dedicated combs, the olives are pressed on the same day of the collection process by cold pressing.

The high quality of our “extra virgin” is given by the low percentage of oleic acid (the "acidity") present in it, is called extra virgin fact, only the oil obtained from the first pressing of olives by mechanical processes, therefore without recourse processes or chemicals, in conditions that do not cause deterioration of the oil and acidity, expressed as oleic acid, is not more than all'0,6% productions give an average acidity of 0.2 / 0.4 and a quantity of polyphenols higher than 400 mg / kg in relation to the minimum that is 60 mg / Kg ...

The oil is obtained solely from the pressing of fresh olives, which have not undergone other treatment in addition to washing, separation by centrifugation and the twigs and leaves.

The natural environment and protected the Maremma Park, the nature of the soil on which they are implanted in our olive groves, the earliness of harvest times and ways of pressing of our olives in mills with line dedicated exclusively to organic, are all elements that determine the high quality of our extra virgin with low acidity and rich in polyphenols


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